[ The Best Food for Dogs ]
We research each and every dog food before it enters the store, making sure the food meets our stringent requirements of being healthy and nutritious for our canine friends.
[ The Best Food for Cats ]
Our hand-picked selection of cat food focuses on the obligate carnivore feline, and includes many great brands that understand how cats differ from our other furry family members.
[ Wild Bird Food, Homes, and Feeders ]
Check out our selection of the highest quality wild bird food, comfortable and unique homes, and feeders designed to fulfill our feathered friends.
[ And Everything Else! ]
From treats and toys, to collars and leashes. From beds and accessories, to bowls and supplements, you'll find our store to be the one-stop family shop you've been searching for!
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Welcome to Felix & Oscar Pet Food...Naturally! Our main goal at Felix & Oscar is to keep your pet healthy by focusing on nutrition, education, and information - not sales tactics and quotas. More than anything, we want to make sure your furry family member has a long, happy, and healthy life. Those who shop at our store know they are finding solutions and outcomes instead of just food and treats!

We separate ourselves from all other stores by making sure you and your pet feel like family. The moment you step into our store, you will be greeted warmly and our team will attend to both you and your furry companion. Whether suggesting a favorite treat or chew, or diving into ingredient panels and sourcing information, we are focused on helping your pets thrive!

Step in to our open and inviting store and we promise you'll not want to shop anywhere else!