Our Mission

Felix & Oscar is a destination retail pet supply store offering healthy and nutritious food and treats for dogs and cats. In addition, Felix & Oscar offers unique and entertaining toys, chews, healthy supplements for cats and dogs, and even wild bird houses and food, too! Felix & Oscar also has a dedicated, well-trained team that can answer any question about every product in the store, and each item is carefully researched by the owners before being added to the store’s compliment.

With hundreds of food options available for pet parents, what is the healthiest? You can research this yourself until you are blue in the face and still feel overwhelmed and receive constant, conflicting information with no real answers. Even worse, there’s regular news reports about bad ingredients, pet food recalls at alarming rates, and a drive by major corporations to cash in on the consumer’s lack of knowledge about pet nutrition by selling sub-par diets at extremely high prices.

At Felix & Oscar, our dedicated team are well versed in the intricacies of nutrition, wellbeing, and various special needs of cats and dogs. Felix & Oscar has the right food, the right treat, the right toy, and can point you in the right direction for your individual pet - since every pet is different, every discussion about pet food is as well, and that type of individual, curated service cannot be found online or in big box stores.